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Operating theatres have come to trust and rely upon Trisoft’s AQUA theatreman and ssdman management software to manage the planning and operational activities, maximising theatre usage and utilisation of personnel and resources for nearly 30 years. Built on proven technologies and in collaboration with our NHS customers, Trisoft’s Healthcare portfolio; AQUA theatreman and ssdman is currently in use in a multitude of NHS hospitals across England, Scotland, Wales and overseas as well as specialist hospitals providing a close fit to operational and clinical requirements.


AQUA theatreman is a theatre management system designed around the needs of operating theatres and day surgery departments across the UK’s acute NHS Trusts. A long-established product in the health sector, AQUA theatreman is operational in hospital sites across the UK.

AQUA theatreman enables operating theatre departments to make efficient use of valuable theatre resources and maintain high standards of patient care, administrative and operational efficiency throughout the peri-operative journey.

Trisoft has developed AQUA theatreman; an operating theatre software system that fits with the NHS’s digital strategy.

Aqua Theatreman

Sterile Services Management

Managing a sterile services department today, you need more than a tried and trusted software solution to track and trace the equipment and instruments being processed. You need access to real-time management information for real-time decision making, whether you are in the department, on a trust site or another hospital location. Ssdman is the sterile services track and trace software, which enables the effective management of instruments, endoscopes, trays and equipment throughout the Trust. Ssdman offers access to real-time management information to support effective decision making.
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Trisoft AQUA Theatreman gains DCB 0129 Standard

Trisoft AQUA theatreman is fully DCB 0129 accredited. DCB 0129 is a standard issued by NHS Digital which requires manufacturers of health IT systems and healthcare organisations to carry out a particular type of risk assessment on the product. This process determines whether or not the product is acceptably safe to go live.

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Hospital Management System

AQUA Theatreman: A New and Improved Hospital Management System

The comprehensively designed tool builds on Trisoft’s existing theatreman software, already in use in some hospitals, and allows staff to move away from cumbersome paperwork enabling them to manage both patients and resources much more efficiently – and importantly get more people treated in a day.

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With over 30 years' experience working within the NHS, we're proud to provide healthcare software to over 40 hospitals across the UK.

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