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IT Services

Whatever your IT needs, from
IT support to Microsoft Cloud,
we’ve got you covered.


SalesPak is an app for sales reps,
which displays product images and
information, and places orders.

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Our Data Cabling and Network Services get amazing customer feedback.

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Our healthcare software solutions
are relied on to improve planning and operational efficiency in hospitals across the UK and overseas.

Here for you

We have several areas of technical expertise with specialists who get the job done.

Whether you need expert IT advice and support, a digital catalogue presenter, want to migrate to
the Cloud, need data cabling and network services, or are looking for healthcare management
systems, we’ve got you covered!

We’re a one stop shop for all your IT needs, with services tailored specifically for your business.
In each of our divisions, whether it’s IT, Microsoft, SalesPak, Health or Connectivity, we really do
have experts and specialists who work tirelessly to provide amazing service, and we hope you agree.

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  • It has been a pleasure working with Trisoft through a scary period of change in our company. Everyone has been expectionally helpful in guiding us through making the best decisions for our IT infrastructure. 


    Allen Archaeology
    Allen Archaeology
  • “Before we decided to go with Trisoft we looked at the available systems in depth before selecting SalesPak as the right one for us. Plus we had recommendations from a number of companies about this SalesPak, which helped our decision.”

    SalesPak client

    Wham Products
  • “We needed a solutions driven IT partner that also spoke in clear, non-jargon terms to help us deliver a full IT upgrade in accordance with our plans for growth. Trisoft have delivered on all aspects from initial consultancy to provisions to kit and boots on the ground and doing the installation around our working requirements which involved them being on site over the weekends. As a growing financial practice we recognise the need for a partnership approach with our IT suppliers and are very pleased to have been recommended to Trisoft by another local firm which is an endorsement in itself.”

    IT Services Client

    cockburn lucas
    Cockburn Lucas
  • “I would like to thank all the people at Trisoft who worked on the planning, build, configuration and implementation of our Exchange 2007 and Active Directory migration. It was a truly professional approach providing a smooth transition from MS Exchange 2000 for over 650 users here at the BFI.”

    IT services client


    British Film Institute
    British Film Institute
  • “It hasn’t been easy over the last few months and the goalposts have continually moved. I think that the fact that our project went to so well, with so many obstacles in your way, reflects how accommodating and professional Trisoft as a company are. It’s nice to know that whenever we do any projects in the future, there is always one company we can rely on!”


    Mouchel Lincoln
  • “SalesPak has changed our lives! It has enabled our sales team to become more mobile as they no longer need to carry so many catalogues and samples. We have also been able to add a new collection to our catalogue as we can easily show all our products on the iPad and therefore don’t need to factor in the logistics of more catalogues.”

    Ancestors of Dover, Trisoft review, SalesPak review
    Ann Humphrey – Owner of Ancestors of Dover
  • “A lot of our products have very long codes, thanks to SalesPak we can now scan them straight to the iPad order rather than having to write them all down. This has helped us increase sales as orders can be taken more quickly and on the whole customers buy more.”

    Ancestors of Dover, Trisoft review, SalesPak review
    Jacqueline Shaw – Sales Rep at Ancestors of Dover
  • “SalesPak is a great tool on the road and at exhibitions – enabling us to take orders quickly and easily. Plus if you tether to your phone, you can send an order instantly – so the order is at head office before we leave the show.”

    SalesPak client 

    BHL, BHL Brands, BHL feedback, SalesPak review, SalesPak feedback
    Michael Pope – BHL Brands
  • “Carrying an iPad is so much easier than carrying a suitcase of catalogues.”

    Suki gifts, Trisoft feedback, SalesPak review
    Bob Taubonan – Sales Rep at Suki Gifts
  • “Everything is in one place – your catalogue, customer order history, stock levels, so you don’t need to juggle as many things.”

    Suki gifts, Trisoft feedback, SalesPak review
    Stephen Higgins – Sales Rep at Suki
  • “I’m generally very impressed by SalesPak. The ability to pull all different colours of individual products on to one page is brilliant.”

    SalesPak client 

    Garden Trading, Trisoft feedback, SalesPak review
    Jon Holloway – Owner of Garden Trading
  • “I can’t imagine life without SalesPak. I would never give up my iPad!

    Information at your fingertips is invaluable. With SalesPak I can look at back orders and stock levels in seconds.

    The customers prefer it too, I hand the iPad to the customer who makes a wish list, then I can go through it with them and we can make amends.”

    SalesPak client 

    Libra, Libra testimonial, Trisoft testimonial
    Alistair Scott – Sales Rep at Libra

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