AQUA theatreman

Introducing NEW AQUA theatreman

With new and challenging requirements presented by not only NHS and NHSX, but also private theatres; we have built on the product our customers have come to trust and love for over 15 years, and have developed AQUA theatreman.   

The name AQUA was chosen to demonstrate the fluidity of information throughout our solution as well as the flow of information into AQUA to and from multiple sources. 

The modern, responsive design of AQUA theatreman enables the solution to be accessed on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. In addition to its open API and cloud support, it provides our NHS partners with a comprehensive operating theatre system that is not only aligned with the NHS digital strategy but also offers real benefits to their operation and clinical theatre services.

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Native Web Application

Supporting easy app access and enabling rapid deployments.

Cloud Based Options

Aligning with the NHS cloud first strategy and ensuring the app is equally at home in the cloud as it is on prem.


Fully user configurable enabling system administrators to define the patient care pathways and patient data capture.

Mobile First Design

Improving face to patient care and quality of data entry.


An Open API that enables authorised systems to access theatreman functionality and data.


Offering real time dashboards and reports to support and enhance operational management of theatres.

AQUA theatreman will continue to deliver the functionality that has secured theatreman as a leading operating theatre management system across the UK. Updated functionality and features have meant that AQUA theatreman will enhance the management of the end-to-end perioperative workflow, all accessed from a modern user interface that greatly improves the user experience.

The flexibility that the AQUA theatreman provides will ensure the ever-changing requirements of the theatre department are always met. The modular approach offers simple, quick methods to extend and add functionality, this enables AQUA theatreman to extend into wards as part of theatre management and to manage other patient led departments of the hospital.

The ease of deployment enhances the scalability of AQUA theatreman, making it equally viable for small department deployments, as well as, a large trust/hospital board or a group of trusts/hospital boards. The modular approach offers simple, quick methods to extend and add functionality. This will enable the new AQUA theatreman platform to extend into wards and other departments of the hospital.

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Clinical Risk Management System

Trisoft Health is committed to ensuring our products developed for use in hospital operating theatres are clinically safe and as such has a clinical risk management system, a requirement of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, in place. A comprehensive and co-ordinated process in place to manage clinical safety standards are met throughout the life cycle of AQUA theatreman and the development iterations of AQUA theatreman healthcare software.

Our clinical risk standards are aligned with the DCB0129 – Application of Patient Safety Risk Management to the manufacture of health IT systems standard.


Trisoft Health has over the years delivered AQUA theatreman to nearly 30 customers across the UK using a well-established repeatable deployment/on-boarding methodology that is both robust and reliable aiming to make the transition to AQUA theatreman is as safe and controlled as possible, minimising disruption to your services and resources. AQUA theatreman go-lives have in the past been achieved within 3 months of contract award.

This approach will be continued with the deployment of AQUA theatreman. Our on-boarding project methodology includes:
• Analysing your specific hospitals surgical pathways and processes
• Identify resources such as workstream leads and subject matter experts
• Agreeing a change management and communication strategy
• Assisting with a training approach and providing training the trainer
• Providing user guides
• Bespoke interfaces with your PAS

Quality Assurance

Trisoft is committed to providing high quality testing & quality assurance, possessing an in-depth understanding of the application under test. Our QA team comprises of individuals with many years of experience who are passionate about delivering a product that meets our customer’s requirements and is tailored for individual trusts.

Our QA testing strategy includes iterations of testing that provide the system to be robust, intuitive, and easy to use. Trisoft’s QA resources are all ISEB certified and adhere to all the process stipulated by the ISEB standards.


We have several areas of technical expertise with specialists who get the job done.
Whether you need expert IT advice and support, a digital catalogue presenter, want to migrate to the cloud, need data cabling and network services, or are looking for healthcare management systems, we have got you covered! We are a one stop shop for all your IT needs, with services tailored specifically for your business.

For both our health and IT divisions, we really do have experts and specialists who work tirelessly to provide amazing service, and we hope you agree.

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