Hospital Management System

In the next couple of months Trisoft are set to roll out a powerful new hospital management system, AQUA theatreman, which streamlines patient journeys and provides vital information for hospital staff.

The comprehensively designed tool builds on Trisoft’s existing theatreman software, already in use in some hospitals. It allows staff to move away from cumbersome paperwork enabling them to manage both patients and resources much more efficiently – and importantly get more people treated in a day.

With the British Medical Association (BMA) reporting a record high NHS England waiting list of 5.98, The aim of this new hospital management system is to help busy surgery departments get patients in and out in a more efficient way, with features such as booking slots, and up-to-the-minute dashboards showing each stage of the surgery process.

The AQUA theatreman system can be used on a mobile, tablet or desktop device and offers hospital staff the ability to digitally process a patient’s journey from ward to theatre.

The software also gives hospital personnel a range of other information at their fingertips, including waiting lists for different departments, and what equipment will be required for each surgery.

It allows them to see which patients are ready to leave which theatres, as well as reviewing activity from previous days and filtering precise information.

If you would like to book a demonstration, or receive a copy of our brochure, please get in touch with our Healthcare Office, here.