Sterile Services Track and Trace Healthcare Software

Managing a sterile services department today, you need more than a tried and trusted software solution to track and trace the equipment and instruments being processed. You need access to real-time management information for real-time decision making, whether you are in the department, on a trust site or another hospital location. Ssdman is the sterile services track and trace healthcare software, which enables the effective management of instruments, endoscopes, trays, and equipment throughout the trust. Ssdman offers access to real-time management information to support effective decision making.

SSDman is:

Features and Benefits

Manage surgical equipment throughout the trust

Surgical equipment passes full decontamination process

Fully integrated Endoscopy services

Share information across hospital departments

Full SLA management and audit trails

Real-time monitoring of washers and sterilisers

Reduce turnaround times and cancellations

Real-time production monitoring

Improve clinical safety

Web based

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