Patient Journey

Our new and improved Theatre Management System, AQUA theatreman, will help to create a seamless patient journey that can be monitored and tracked by hospital staff. Three features that we feel are of particular importance to outline for you, are:

Session management

Updated functionality and features have meant that AQUA theatreman will enhance the management of the end-to-end perioperative workflow, all accessed from a modern user interface that greatly improves the user experience. Helping staff to easily follow patient journeys and control the flow of information.

The new family name AQUA was chosen to demonstrate the fluidity of information throughout our solution as well as the flow of information into AQUA to and from multiple sources.

The responsive design of the management system is accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices meaning theatre managers are able to view content at a time and place to suit them.

Session utilisation and analysis

Improved session utilisation means a higher number of operations and procedures can be carried out.

Live analysis dashboards on theatreman enable key users to get an at-a-glance view of how the department is performing and where clients are at in their patient journey. Dashboards can be uniquely configured allowing each NHS Trust to build relevant data sets to display their key, individual, performance indicators. Create tabs just for you and add data widgets.

Additionally, theatreman captures data, covering factors such as procedure duration, a reporting function logs this data informing your team on trends to support future planning and operational efficiency.

Configuration pathway

AQUA theatreman is a hospital management system that enables theatre managers to plan and manage their own pathway, two views can be utalised to display the information in the preferred way for each professional.

A configurable patient pathway allows each individual Trust to build pathways that support the patient journey through the department. The Trust simply maps out the locations, the timing points, and the functions that the patient requires and AQUA theatreman does the rest.

If you would like to book a demonstration, or receive a copy of our brochure, please get in touch with our Healthcare Office, here.