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Hot in Tech 21/3/2016

Finally the Nike self-lacing shoes are on their way to your wardrobe, the PlayStation VR headset to be released in October and best is always saved until last – Toonz, the animation software used by Studio Ghibli and creators of Futurama is to become open source and FREE. Here’s what’s hot in tech 21/3/2016.

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Hot in Tech 1/2/2016

Over the past week HSBC online banking has been attacked, and we’re one step closer to having driverless cars on UK roads. Here’s what’s Hot in Tech 1/2/2016: Driverless car or tram-like shuttle? Driverless cars tested in London for the first time will be less like the Google driverless car and more like the electronic…

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Hot in Tech

Over the past week there have been some weird and wonderful happenings in the tech world, including Apple buying out an AI company, a CES stall being raided by US marshals, and reassurance from the Planetary Defence Coordination Office that they will do everything they can to prevent Earth being hit by an asteroid. Here’s what’s…

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Hot in Tech 21/12/2015

The Trisoft weekly technology news round up: 6 snippets of the week’s hottest tech news. Here’s what’s hot in tech 21/12/2015.   The computer virus that blackmails you Ransomware is the fastest growing form of computer malware, and is used by hackers to lockdown a computer’s files and order a ransom in Bitcoins to release…