theatreman, theatre management and scheduling system

The Theatre Management System

Theatreman is a theatre management system designed around the needs of theatre and day surgery departments in acute NHS Trusts. A long-established product in the health sector, theatreman is operational in hospital sites across the UK.

Theatreman enables Trusts to make efficient use of valuable theatre resources and maintain high standards of patient care throughout the peri-operative journey. Theatreman supports clinical, administrative and management staff by improving communication, speeding up workflows and allowing quicker access to vital information.

Theatreman is…

  • An established product within the NHS for 30 years
  • Operational in over 40 hospitals across the UK
  • Integrated into hospital IT infrastructure
  • Consistent with NHS paperless objectives

Features and benefits

  • Scheduling and management of theatre sessions
  • Management of patient episode
  • Capture clinical, admin and operational data
  • Wide range of BI, clinical audit and reporting capabilities
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reduce late starts
  • Fewer cancellations
  • Improve patient experience
  • Reduce costs

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