Our sever support takes care of upgrades, maintenance and network health

Servers are at the core of most businesses and with all installations and upgrades we can offer on-going server support to optimise your infrastructure and offer extra peace-of-mind. Whether you use in-house or remote servers to power your network we can find a package that suits your needs. Plus, as we are well experienced supporting business servers we can also offer advice and consultancy about upgrades and cloud migration. Talk to us today to discuss your options.

Servers in the Cloud

Trisoft have the ability to host physical or virtual servers for your business. This means the servers are connected to your network, but physically located elsewhere.

This can be done by hosting on our premises, with a guaranteed portion of our dedicated 100Mb leased line using our servers with the SPLA licensing model. Or, we can use rack space at the tier 3 datacentre of our enterprise hosting partner, which includes 24/7 support and offers 99.9% up time and IPKVM options.

Let us take the weight off managing your IT infrastructure. Our expert server support team will take ownership of the running and upkeep of your servers, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Find out more about cloud here.

server support

Key Indicators That Your Server Needs Upgrading

  • It crawls – When your server gets slow it’s time for some new equipment. We recommend taking a look at both disk and CPU usage. When you’re at about 80% and can’t reduce it easily, it’s time to start looking around.
  • It sucks up your time – If you’re spending more time on dealing with server problems than you’re willing to commit, it’s time for an upgrade.
  • It’s noisy – As fans and hard drives age you will notice they become noisier. This is typically a good indicator that hardware failure is just around the corner.
  • It’s out of warranty – If the manufacturer has stopped supported the hardware and/or software, which means it’s more than three years old be definition, then there’s a good chance you need some kind of upgrade.
  • Something doesn’t feel right – Maybe your hardware specifications don’t match your vendor specs. Maybe it takes longer and longer to do the same things every day. If you or your IT person have a sinking feeling about the server, chances are it could be in need of an upgrade.
  • There’s no more space – If the requirement of the software that runs on the server exceeds the server’s specifications, then you need a new server. Business users shouldn’t just try to manage space or memory in the short-term, but think about the company’s long-term needs. If you are unsure of what your business actually requires, a free consultancy with someone from our skilled team can makes things clear and simple.

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