Fashionflo case study, Trisoft, SalesPak, Case study


The Need:

Fashionflo used to receive orders via email, which were then manually retyped into their computer
order system. Sales reps took paper brochures on customer visits which were costly, becoming out
of date soon after printing. Fashionflo needed a way of presenting current, up-to-date stock to
customers, and to remove manual retyping of orders.


The Solution:

Since using SalesPak, the Fashionflo order taking process has transformed. Now, sales reps display
high quality photos via the digital catalogue with live stock information including stock levels, colours
and sizes, and reps take orders while visiting customers, which then sync to the back office system.
The order process is streamlined, making the sales team more productive and saving a lot of time.
Gone are the days of carrying paper brochures to customers and long order processes with manual
retyping of orders. SalesPak has enabled Fashionflo to speed up the order taking process
dramatically by processing orders in front of the customer through the iPad, after having shown
them beautifully displayed product images and real-time product information.


The Service:

“I’d recommend SalesPak because it has made our order processing more efficient and has enhanced
the interaction/experience with our customers.” – John Green, Director



To view this case study in PDF format, click here:  Fashionflo_CaseStudy.pdf