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Tech – June 2016

From robots potentially being classed as people, to Google co-founder investing in developing flying cars, June has been an interesting month in the technology world. Here’s all you need to know in the world of tech – June 2016!

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LinkedIn breach: change your password

  LinkedIn breach: What happened? In 2012 LinkedIn was hacked and suffered a large-scale data breach. At the time it was thought to have been resolved after LinkedIn made a mandatory password reset for all accounts believed to have been affected, however yesterday more than 100 million email and hashed password combinations for LinkedIn members…

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How to improve your online security

  The latest news in the Hillary Clinton email hack case emerged today, with the cyber-hacker ‘revealing’ how he supposedly viewed hidden messages on Hillary Clinton’s private phone, describing her server as “like an open orchid on the internet”. The hacker, Marcel Lehel Lazar, claims that he gained access to Hillary Clinton’s server through the…