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Hot in Tech

From scientists discovering how to feed information into the brain, to Microsoft HoloLens creating ‘mixed reality’ where holograms look and sound like part of the world around us, to driverless lorries hitting the UK roads this year – it seems the future has arrived. Here’s what’s Hot in Tech 7/3/2016!

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Hot in Tech

This week has seen another busy week in the tech world, including the release of HTC’s VR headset Vive, WhatsApp has made a big decision about the future of the app (and what companies it’s leaving behind) and the release of Raspberry Pi 3 today! Here’s what’s Hot in Tech 29/2/2016:

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Hot in Tech 1/2/2016

Over the past week HSBC online banking has been attacked, and we’re one step closer to having driverless cars on UK roads. Here’s what’s Hot in Tech 1/2/2016: Driverless car or tram-like shuttle? Driverless cars tested in London for the first time will be less like the Google driverless car and more like the electronic…